The Sleep Harley Street group consists of independent clinicians working together as a very close team but not under the same roof. The patient is taken care of within a comprehensive and global approach. The patient has one main and coordinating clinician, selected depending on his condition or of his own choice. If need be this clinician will inform and consult with other members of the team.


Through a close collaboration with The London Clinic and other groups the clinic has access to laboratories, imaging facilities (Ultrasounds, NMR…) and other medical specialties.



Patients who wish to meet face to face with their chosen specialist can certainly do that by making an appointment by telephone or email.

The members of the team are internationally recognized within their specialties, most of them with strong academic background and experience within the NHS. They meet regularly to review and discuss cases.


The Sleep Clinic has unique and large battery of methods for advanced diagnostic. Treatments are evidence based and often innovative