Dr John D Moran   





R.D. MB.BS. LDS. RCS. MSc. Nut.Med. D.F.F.P. DPsSC.

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Dr John Moran qualified in Medicine at St George’s Hospital London University and in Dental Surgery at Guy’s Hospital London.

At present Medical Director of Holistic Medical Clinic in London’s Wimpole Street with special interest in treating Female Menopause with Bio-identical Hormone replacement, P.M.S. and other female hormone problems.

Male Andropause, and sexual dysfunction in men and women.


Dr Moran practices Functional Medicine including Nutritional Medicine that is evidence based, this includes investigating and treating chronic inflammatory disease, prevention and protection against breast and prostate cancer utilising up to date investigations and diagnostic methods available in central London.

Dr Moran established the Menopause Clinic at Marie Stopes Clinic in central London, working there 1980-1997.

Medical Director at The London Institute of Human Sexuality, teaching and training students for the Diploma in Psycho-sexual counselling.

Medical Director at the Hormone Health Care Centre.


Dr John Moran is a leading expert on hormones and how they affect the health of men and women and is a regular speaker on the subject both at medical conferences and to the general public.

Dr Moran is a diplomate of the faculty of Family Planning and Reproductive Health Care of the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, and has post graduate diplomas in psychosexual counselling and sexual dysfunction as well as a Masters in Nutritional Medicine from Surrey University.

He has more than 20 years experience in these areas.

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Medical Director, Holistic Medical Clinic

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