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MA, PhD, BSc Nutritional Medicine

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Margo Goldspink is a nutritional therapist, founder of The Olive Tree Clinic.  She has an MA in Natural Sciences and a PhD in Metallurgy from Cambridge University, and a BSc in Nutritional Medicine. 


Margo set up the Olive Tree Clinic in 2008, and it is now a thriving business with bases in Cambridgeshire, Harley Street London and the Algarve Portugal.  She sees patients from across the UK as well as from the Middle East and Europe.


Margo practices nutritional medicine with a functional medicine approach.   Functional medicine looks for the root causes of health problems, working from a detailed patient health history and targeted biochemical testing from internationally recognised laboratories.  Programmes are designed for each patient individually, and consist of a unique combination of dietary recommendations, nutritional supplements and lifestyle suggestions.

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