Operation of "Sleep Harley Street Clinic":



During a typical initial assessment of a sleep disorder, the patient undergoes an evaluation by a physician specialized in this field (face to face or video). The evaluation may include an interview followed by a physical examination, or other procedures.  Careful analysis of the patient’s sleep, work schedule and life pattern is assessed using various questionnaires, sleep-wake diaries and other inventories. Environmental, pathological and physiological conditions that may affect sleep are taken into account in order to present, when the diagnosis is established, an individualized treatment course.



Following this comprehensive evaluation, consultations with other specialists (e.g. ENT, respiratory, orthodonty, neurology) may be requested, or other tests may be scheduled (blood tests, hormonal profile etc…) to rule out any other pathology. 



Depending on the nature of the sleep disorder a night sleep study or/and other monitoring may be performed, at the Clinic, at home or at a sleep unit in a hospital, to determine the patient’s sleep pattern and recognize abnormal physiological signals and behaviour throughout the sleep (and sleep-wake)  period.

Once a diagnosis is conclusively established, a treatment plan is formulated 



Treatment modalities are numerous and include medication, breathing assisted devices (e.g. continuous or intermittent positive airway pressure devices - PAP), oral appliances, referral to surgical procedures, sleep/wake schedule re-alignment, behavioural and cognitive therapy (CBT), psychological support, physiotherapy, acupuncture, fitness training, workshops on sleep hygiene, relaxation training, nutritional counselling and weight control/loss programs, light therapy etc… 

These services can also be offered separately and the patient can consult an individual specialist within the team.