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Professor Badre is an international recognized expert in sleep medicine and specialist in clinical neurophysiology and chronobiological disorders.
He is European expert in Sleep Medicine (“Somnologist”).

After obtaining his Medical Degree and PhD in neurobiology in Sweden and practicing psychiatry and neurology, he specialized in Clinical Neurophysiology and became early associate professor at the department of Clinical Neuroscience (Medical Faculty, University of Gothenburg, Sweden). He has long academic and medical experience.

His interest in sleep started early being among the few Founders of the Swedish Sleep Society. He established one of the first Sleep Units in the country at one of the major University Hospital where he had a tenure position. He developed many innovative medical approaches and techniques – obtaining many patents - and has been a recognized pioneer in performing comprehensive sleep investigations remotely or at home.

He wrote many scientific publications and book chapters and has been on national and international TV and radio programs. He is an active member of many major international scientific Societies and medical organizations.

He has annually presentations at scientific congresses and is regularly invited lecturer for medical professionals and students, corporate and the general public.

His clinical expertise relates to disorders of the Sleep-Wake Rhythms, Insomnia, Hypersomnia, Parasomnia, breathing and movement disorders during sleep and burn-out.
His research focused on chronobiology, drowsiness, and autonomic nervous system activity during sleep. 

His current research interest is the impact of modern life style on the health of adolescents and young executives. He has a well-recognized international expertise of Insomnia among adolescents.


He is consultant at the London Clinic, consultant at 117A Harley Street, Medical Director at SDS Kliniken and Senior Researcher afiliated at the University of Gothenburg.










Medical Faculty, University of Gothenburg




117a Harley Street,

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