The patient has an option of either booking a conventional face to face consultation or using our virtual services.



What is “a virtual service”?


Instead of being seen face-to-face by a consultant, the patient has the option to use the e-health technology and telemedicine, that provide healthcare at distance. The patient can contact a member of the team remotely, submitting information and receive medical services/recommendations. This is particularly suitable for follow-ups and/or monitoring health parameters in real-time or off-line. Monitoring includes systems for collecting various physiological variables, transferring this data via internet, wireless or telephone to the clinic for analysis. This information is used to control the condition of the patient, the impact of treatment and/or tailor follow-up care to individual needs.


Advanced and unique e-health/telemedecine technological facilities are integrated in the Sleep Harley Street Clinic.This enables patients to connect from any distant location reducing some unnecessary and time consuming clinic visits and cutting costs.


Furthermore this approach can be used for the Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROM)- a system for collecting and analyzing outcome data for clinical procedures – and for follow up on the quality of interventions.